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Why the Move?

HAPPY NEW YEAR and a HUGE HELLO to everyone!!!!  Welcome back to Color Combos Galore! After a long hiatus, CCG is back! Why are we at Blogger? Well, I have decided to leave the Ning network and bring CCG back here. At Ning, it cost me over $700 a year to maintain such a large site, it was just way too expensive. I also needed to think about how much time I can really dedicate to the network and the social interaction. I loved Ning, and all that it offered, but I realized I couldn't afford that much money or the time. My three children are young and my business also demands a lot of my time. So I hope you all understand, that though the decision was hard, it had to be done. I am excited for the new venture at Blogger, because as always, the challenges are so much fun!!! So here is to a New Year, a fresh start, and new beginnings!