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Color Combo Challenge #221

Hello and welcome back everyone, really glad you are visiting us again and truly hoping you will have some time to play along. I want to mention that February's Card Challenge will be posted tomorrow, and March's Card Challenge will be posted on March 8th, as scheduled.

It's LAYOUTS Week everyone, so that means for this challenge you are creating Layouts, Mini-Albums and Altered Projects only. Stay tuned for a new Designer's Challenge using this Color Combo for CARDS on March 8. The deadline for this challenge is March 14, 11:59pm USA/EST.

This week's Inspiration Photo celebrates The Festival of Owls which was on February 2-4

Let's get started on this Reveal which is chockful of inspiration!....

The Color Combo:
brown - green - blue - natural

This week’s inspiration from the Color Combos Galore Design Team...
We included some tips to help you with the added Bonus Challenge!
See how the Design Team interpreted the Inspiration Photo!

Embellish your page with owl themed products & stamps

Use rectangles throughout your design as inspired by the rectangular ledge

Mimic the three owls together by aligning your photos and elements side by side

Use a paper piecing to add dimension and interest to your page
Use a woodgrain stamp
Create a wooden ledge with a chipboard branch and leaves

Use circle elements throughout your page as inspired by the various round shapes in the photo

Create a luxurious feeling of the outdoors with photos and supporting embellishments

Hope you enjoyed reading the Inspiration Prompts for the Inspiration Photo
Now it's your turn!
There are so many ways to read inspiration photos, we invite you to use these prompts
or challenge yourself to come up with some of your own.
Let us see your clever ideas!

Looking forward to seeing all your wood embellished projects :) :)
Enter as many times as you'd like, there is no limit on how many projects you can create!

Please read the Instructions and Guidelines here: HOW TO PLAY

Challenge ends March 14, 2012 at 11:59pm USA/EST

This Week's Prize

This week's winner will receive:
This & That 12X12 'Charming' Collection Kit By Echo Park Paper Co.
'Picadilly' Wooden Buttons By BasicGrey

My Page

REMINDER: To be eligible for the prize, you are required to combine both the Color Combo Challenge with the Designer’s Challenge. We encourage you to also complete the Bonus Challenge, which is to draw your own inspiration from the Inspiration Photo.. We need to know what element of the photo you were inspired by and how you applied it to your project. Only newly created projects that are made specifically for the current challenge should be uploaded. Please, no backposts. Please be aware that in all fairness to others, projects that do not adhere to these challenge rules are not eligible for the prize. Enjoy the process, have fun as you play the challenge!

In honor of owls in the Inspiration Photo,
The song for this Reveal is:

"WHO" CAN IT BE NOW by Men at Work



  1. Awesome...everybody's pages are amazing :)...and how exciting to be able to chat again!

  2. Wow gorgeous layouts and love the chat area!

  3. Wonderful pages from you all ladies!
    I loved seeing the pages of Az and Kay here too!

  4. I saw the challenge on Lilith Eeckels blog today, and thought to myself, "weird, I thought i really loved colorcombosgalore site, how come I haven't added it to my RSS reader?"

    After I added it, I was painfully reminded why it's not on my reader.

    It's annoying enough when I browse this webpage the music from your youtube ad blasts off. I was dumbfounded when all 10 youtube ads blasted off at the sametime on my RSS reader.

    I LOVE your site, and it's such a pity it's not RSS or browsing friendly for those of us that have zero tolerance for music we didn't choose to listen.

    I'll continue following via Lilith! :) Please let me know once you fix the music problem, I'd be happy to follow you. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way, but probably the only one that can be bothered to inform you.

    1. Wow! Not cool that it did that to your Reader. I am so sorry!!!! I totally appreciate your feedback, didn't realize it was that annoying...I was trying to be fun. I have turned the auto-play off, and you are totally right, it should be an option to listen to the song should one desire to and not so in-your-face. Thank you for taking the time to express and share your thoughts, feedback from our readers is always welcome! :D

      PS. It will take a while to manually remove the auto-play on all my Reveals, but I will work my way backwards from the most recent.

  5. Fabulous work ladies...I love seeing all the different takes on the challenge! Very inspirational in many different ways...

  6. Beautiful work again ladies, I am loving these as well.

  7. Wow I'm surprised that anyone has an issue with music....I have a volume control on my computer as well as my speakers....if I don't like....I don't have to listen! I thought the blogging world was a way for individuals to have freedom to express whatever it is they want....after all it is an individual's blog...but hey who am I!

  8. I just love this challenge but I don't have time to get in done by the deadline. I'm still going to do it though!!


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